Attractive environmentally friendly investment

  • Attractive price due to standardized modular design, thus short amortization period and high interest rate on the investment
  • Savings of 2,873 t CO2 in 20 years with 100 solar carports
    (compared to the German electricity mix)
  • High efficiency due to gable roof shape and bifacial solar modules
    (Efficiency over 20%)
  • Roof shape enables evenly distributed power generation throughout the day
    (approx. 12.2 kWp for 4 parking spaces result in 10,000 – 12,000 kWh per year)
  • Low maintenance and operating costs due to self-cleaning roof shape and high-quality & stable solar modules

Flexibility and fast set-up

  • Flexible carport modules enable maximum use of the parking space for environmentally friendly electricity generation
  • Suitable for existing and new pitches because the system can be adapted to different pitch widths and heights (while minimising earthworks)
  • Short set-up time, quick assembly thanks to innovative foundations, prefabricated construction and cable management system

Getting attention from customers and employees with solar parking lots

Our product is a key driver for increasing customer loyalty and a decisive advantage over competitors:

  • Very attractive parking areas for customers and employees
  • Parking lots are shady and dry, at the same time bright due to bifacial solar panels
  • Prepared for installation of charging stations for e-cars and e-bicycles
  • High-profile generation of environmentally friendly solar power and saving of CO2
  • Ecological materials allow complete recycling

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