Carport with solar roof

Carport with solar roof makes environmentally friendly power generation possible

Solar energy is considered one of the keys to sustainable environmentally friendly power generation. Solar modules can be installed not only on large open spaces and house roofs. Carports and garages are also suitable for installation. Together with us, you can rely on the carport with a solar roof. A solar roof on your carport guarantees high yields, because we can flexibly align the solar modules. For this purpose, the carports are provided with an east-west gable roof shape. In addition, we use bifacial PV modules, which achieve up to 15% additional power with the bottom side.

We plan the carport with solar roof that fits you

We design and build the carport with solar roof in different sizes. While small models only offer space for two cars, you will find space for up to eight cars in our large ones. At the same time, our carports can be flexibly extended and are therefore also suitable for use in large parking areas. The entrance height of our carports with solar roof is either 2.50 meters or 3.70 meters, depending on the model. Likewise, the parking widths of our carports are flexible and range between 2.40 and 3.50 meters.

Carport with solar roof: Trust in a durable construction

Each carport with solar roof from our offer inspires with a durable and equally high-strength construction. They continue to easily withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. You can achieve these properties by relying on the following materials:

– Hot-dip galvanized steel

– Glued wood trusses

– High-strength glass-glass PV modules

The carport can be connected to the existing power supply on site. For this purpose, it is connected to the local house grid. However, you can also choose to feed the produced solar power into the grid. For additional of the steel supports we use powder coating, which can be applied in your desired color.

Carport with solar roof: We take care of you in every phase with a holistic concept!

If you decide to have a solar roof on your carport from SOPAGO, we will be at your side from the first planning steps to completion and maintenance services – together with our strong, experienced regional cooperation network. The first step of your energy-efficient carport is the project: Contact us so that we can personally coordinate and discuss the next steps with you.

Our experts will support you with the initial investment planning, the design planning with the PV performance analysis as well as the building application necessary for the carport with solar modules. Subsequently, after the order has been placed, we realize the necessary foundation and erect the carport with PV and inverter – both of which guarantee you a high degree of flexibility and individual expandability in the years to come. We advise you comprehensively on the subject of “Carport with solar modules” and support you in the necessary steps for a connection to the electricity supplier as well as the operation of your own PV power plant. This refers not only exclusively to our carport with solar roof, but also the supplement of it, for example by an installation of battery buffers or the integration of charging stations – for this we cooperate with experienced partners, who already cared for numerous of our customers in this respect.

We will realize a solar carport for you that is …

– … economical,

– … individually expandable and

– … tailored to your needs.

Smaller parking spaces as well as larger parking lots benefit from this modular design of our carport solutions. The carport with solar modules is suitable, for example, for companies with high energy requirements, sales locations such as furniture stores and supermarkets with large parking lots, as well as hotels and restaurants. With the carport with solar roof, you not only get the opportunity to reduce your own CO2 footprint, but at the same time to obtain electricity from your own production more favorably than from the public grid – and present yourself accordingly sustainable, environmentally conscious and customer-friendly. Contact us for your appointment for planning and provision of a solar roof on the carport by our expert!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service life of a carport with a solar roof?

You will receive a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 to 30 years on the PV modules. In general, the carports are very robust due to the sophisticated construction of powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized steel and impregnated wood. With a solar roof from SOPAGO, you can expect a service life of 25 to 30 years, provided it is regularly maintained and not exposed to permanent extreme weather conditions.

How long does it take to install a carport with a solar roof at SOPAGO?

The installation usually takes place a few weeks after the necessary building permit has been issued. In the course of this, we take care of all the steps, such as measuring the parking spaces, unless markings are already in place. We then install the special foundations at the same time as the actual carports. Thanks to the modular design and prefabricated steel structures, the process is usually completed within a few days, depending on the size of the parking spaces and number of carports.

How much maintenance does a SOPAGO carport with a solar roof require?

Due to the use of an innovative gable roof and the 10-degree pitch of the PV panels, the maintenance required for your new carport is very manageable. The inclination ensures that many external influences from the environment automatically roll off the PV modules or are washed away when it rains. The low maintenance effort not only benefits our customers economically, but also speaks for the sustainability of a SOPAGO carport with solar modules.