What users say

Weeze Airport in North Rhine-Westphalia has had a solar parking lot built on a parking area of 25,000 square meters, which helps the airport earn twice as much revenue.
The new and first covered parking lot is received well, says Holger Terhorst, the marketing manager of WeezeAirport. In terms of price, it is located in the middle between the budget parking areas and those in the immediate vicinity of the airport building. The better protection against the weather, combined with safety and lighting, leads to a higher willingness to pay. In addition, income from the sale of electricity or savings from possible self-use would be achieved. The biggest challenge in the construction of the carport was the short construction time, says EEPro Managing Director Josef Eiblmeier.

COMPANY PARKING – ZF Friedhafen AG in Schweinfurt, roof area14,000 square meters
“The step ZF is taking with this project is both economically and ecologically forward-looking and not only strengthens the sustainability of the Schweinfurt production site, but also ensures better economic planning.” This is Mario Münch, Münch Energie opionion.

Mercedes-Benz branch in Mainz on behalf of Rio Energie GmbH
“Solar carports offer protection against wind and weather and are the logical step on the way to solar mobility, as they provide clean electricity directly on site. This also makes solar carports very interesting for industry and commerce,” says Andreas Fischer, Managing Director of RIO Energie. “For Stadtwerke Mainz AG, the topic of electromobility is becoming increasingly important. Last year, for example, we put the first Mainz electricity charging station into operation in front of our company headquarters in Rheinallee. With the smart fortwo electric drive, our fleet now contains the first pure electric vehicle and we will test or purchase further electrically powered cars and scooters,” says Detlev Höhne, CEO of Stadtwerke Mainz AG.

What politicians say

NRW-wants to prescribe solar parking spaces for new buildings from 25 parking spaces
NRW Building Minister Ina Scharrenbach (CDU) wants to combine the huge areas sealed by parking lots with a benefit for society. She sees photovoltaic systems as an option against summer “heat islands”. They provide shade, inhale heat and could also generate energy. As can be seen from a letter from Scharrenbach to the State Chancellery.

MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT Baden-Württemberg & Platform for Renewable Energies PEE
Minister Franz Untersteller says: “We want to be a role model for other federal states with an innovative solar roofing and intelligent charging infrastructure.” “The obligation to build over newly established parking spaces applies to areas with more than 75 parking spaces. Here, too, the future interpretations in the announced regulation are exciting.” Franz Pöter, Managing Director of PEE

Rhineland-Palatinate: New funding programmes for municipalities
Environment Minister Ulrike Höfken wants to provide more money for climate protection and the energy transition in 2021 than ever before. The Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of the Environment is planning new funding programmes for solar carports.

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