Electro mobility

Environmentally friendly electricity for eMobility with our solar carports

Since the introduction of government bonus programs, the market for electric vehicles in Europe has exploded. Meanwhile, every car manufacturer also has several electric vehicles on offer. This makes the availability of charging stations scarce. The introduction of nationwide charging stations has the highest priority for the successful transformation to electro mobility.

At the same time, there is a controversial discussion about how environmentally friendly an electric car is and how high the CO2 footprint is during the production and operation of the vehicle. With electricity from solar systems, however, the result is clear. With green electricity, an electric car does not generate any CO2 during operation.

With our solar carports you can generate green electricity and charge your car with it. The costs for the solar carport are fully covered by your savings in the purchase of electricity from the energy supplier. In addition, each solar parking space saves 1.5t of CO2 per year.

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