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Commercial Solar Parking Systems

You are a parking lot owner and need additional energy for your own use? Then you should definitely contact us!

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Single row parking

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Double-row parking

The benefits of PV roofing

  • Dry shady parking areas, protect the vehicles from weather influences
  • High snow load capacity and wind resistance enable it’s use in almost all weather regions of Germany
  • With the direct consumption of the generated solar power, expensive purchase of grid power is reduced
  • Yield on Sopago carports increases the more solar power is consumed on site
  • Advertising space and branding prepared for marketing measures
  • Installation of charging stations for cars and eBikes prepared

Functional solar carports

  • High yields and flexible orientation/alignment due to east-west gable roof shape and bifacial solar modules
  • Carport modules for 2, 3 and 4 parking spaces, which can be extended many times over
  • Entrance height 2.50m and parking widths of 2.40m – 3.50m, parking lot markings are retained
  • Durable, highly solid construction made of hot-dip galvanized steel and glulam
  • Connection of solar power plant to electricity consumers and house network on site
  • Feed-in surplus from PV system into the public grid