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Functional solar carports

  • High yields and flexible orientation thanks to the east-west pitched roof shape and bifacial solar modules
  • Carport modules for 2, 3 and 4 parking spaces that can be expanded many times over
  • Entry height 2.50m and parking space widths of 2.40m – 3.50m, parking space markings remain the same
  • Durable, high-strength construction made of hot-dip galvanized steel and laminated beams
  • Connection of solar power plant to electricity consumers, house network on site
  • Feeding excess from the PV system into the public grid

PV carport from SOPAGO – for efficient use of parking spaces

This makes parking spaces ecological, economical and efficient – for example on company premises, at hotels and restaurants or at public authorities: The carport PV from SOPAGO guarantees high yields thanks to an innovative pitched roof shape and bifacial solar modules. For commercial and industrial customers, we offer a customizable modular solution for parking spaces from 35 parking spaces. Furthermore, you will also find compact variants of the PV carport from two parking spaces.

Carport with PV – individually tailored to your needs

Whether for smaller or larger parking areas: The carport with PV system can be flexibly expanded – thanks to a well thought-out modular construction system. The PV system on the carport can be implemented from as little as two parking spaces, and we also offer customizable solutions for three, four or many more parking spaces. The parking lot markings remain after the PV carport has been set up. With an entrance height of 2.50 meters and parking space widths of 2.40 meters to 3.50 meters, our carport with PV system is suitable for all common parking spaces and cars or motorcycles. As an experienced company, we accompany you from the initial project, through the conception to the implementation. You get everything that concerns the carport with PV from us and our partners from a single source – starting with the planning and building permit, through the grid connection and construction to operational management and regular maintenance. Thanks to our strong regional partners, we also offer economically and tax-optimized implementations of the PV system on the carport.

The PV carport has important advantages for you, your company, the authorities or private parking spaces:


  • Floor space will henceforth be used for efficient energy generation
  • Excess electricity is fed into the grid and remunerated
  • They meet legal requirements for CO2 savings
  • Companies gain a positive image and role model function

Our carport with PV: economy and efficiency rethought

Our modular PV system on the carport uses the so-called gabled roof shape, which is characterized by a slight central curvature and peak, in order to maximize contact with solar radiation and consequently to increase the efficiency of the PV carport in the long term. This roof shape makes it possible to generate electricity throughout the day when the sun is shining. The gable roof shape of the carport with PV system has another advantage: due to the descending angle, the modular ones are self-cleaning, which in turn minimizes the ongoing maintenance effort and maintenance costs. East-west gable roofs are characterized by a 10-degree incline and can therefore be erected in all directions. Furthermore, our carport with PV is designed as a modular system, which enables you to be highly economical and thus quickly amortize the purchase price. Would you like to expand the available parking spaces on your own premises? No problem, thanks to the modular structure, the PV system on the carport can even be enlarged later – without negatively affecting the overall visual appearance.

Commercial and industrial customers also benefit from SOPAGO’s PV carport:


  • Employees are provided with environmentally responsible, efficiently used and shady parking spaces
  • The carport with PV system can later be expanded to include charging stations for e-cars
  • Employee vehicles are protected from the weather
  • A carport with PV helps to reduce CO2 emissions within the company

Commercial Solar Parking Systems

Are you the owner of a parking space and need additional energy for your own use? Then you should definitely contact us!

PV Carport: Quality that is measurable and visible

Our carport with PV is built with ecological materials that enable complete reuse and reuse within the material cycle. Furthermore, paired with the robust modular construction, they are characterized by longevity: A manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 to 30 years applies to the PV system on the carport, which is also the minimum expected service life of the carport with PV. All steel supports used are both powder-coated and hot-dip galvanized, the wood used is impregnated beforehand to protect it from moisture and other weather conditions. As a result, this carport is an innovative way of saving energy and recovering energy, which at the same time visually upgrades parking spaces and underlines the ecological, sustainable orientation of the company, business location and authority. Get in touch with us: We will accompany you and your project for a PV carport from the initial planning to implementation – including all the necessary intermediate steps.

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The benefit PV roofing

  • Dry, shady parking areas protect the vehicles from the weather
  • High snow carrying capacity and wind resistance enables use in almost all weather regions in Germany 
  • With the direct consumption of the solar power generated, expensive purchase of mains power is reduced
  • The return on investment from the Sopago carport increases the more solar power is consumed on site
  • Prepared advertising space and branding for marketing measures 
  • Installation of charging stations for cars and eBikes prepared

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the SOPAGO PV carport already CO2 negative after four years?

Wood is a sustainable material, the production of steel requires less energy than aluminium. We deliberately do without concrete foundations and aluminum supports, instead we use these ecological alternatives. As a result, the carport with a PV system is already CO2 negative after around four years.

What advantages does a carport with PV offer in terms of legislation?

Measures to protect the climate are just as much a focus as alternative forms of energy generation to reduce the necessary energy demand from abroad. As a result, more and more federal states are passing legislation and regulations on PV obligation within available areas. They react early to such changes and become ecological pioneers.

How does the bifacial orientation of PV carport affect energy efficiency?

This enables the system to use light from both sides for longer. This results in overall higher cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Due to their special angle, the innovative bifacial modules generate an additional energy yield of up to 15 percent.