Photovoltaic on carport

Generate electricity flexibly and environmentally friendly with photovoltaics on carport

With photovoltaic systems you can make an important contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation. Trust in photovoltaics on a carport together with Sopago. In this way, available parking spaces can be effectively used for climate protection. In addition, photovoltaics on the carport pave the way to electromobility. The electricity generated by solar energy can be used directly to power electric vehicles by connecting them properly to the local power grid. This means that they can be flexibly charged while parked under the carport roof.

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Individually planned, stable constructions for a long service life

The carports with photovoltaic systems planned by us are characterized by durable construction and high-quality workmanship. All carports can be adapted to the conditions on site, so that both the entrance height and the width of the parking areas can be flexibly implemented. Furthermore, the east-west gable roof shape of the carports allows a flexible and equally well thought-out alignment of the photovoltaic systems. Thus, the yields can be optimized by our experts depending on the location.

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Rely on a comprehensive service

If you are thinking about photovoltaics on a carport, you can rely on our comprehensive service. Depending on the conditions on site, we take over the planning and implementation of the carport construction and also take care of the connection of the modules to the power consumer on site. If you do not want to use the generated energy yourself, you can also feed it into the grid and thus benefit from the associated remuneration. Our photovoltaic systems are suitable for small carports with space for two to three vehicles as well as for large designs for up to eight vehicles.