Climate protection is now changing the building laws. The federal and state governments are currently discussing introducing a PV obligation for new buildings and parking lots. In some federal states, a new state building code for sustainable building has been adopted, which provides for a PV obligation for certain new buildings from 1.1.2022.
Parking spaces only have to be covered with photovoltaics for new non-residential buildings e.B. w.If a new supermarket is built from next year, the associated parking lot must be covered and equipped with a photovoltaic system. However, only if the parking space provides more than a certain number of parking spaces. Building applications from private individuals and municipalities will only be approved if a photovoltaic roofing (solar carports) is provided for large parking areas. In addition to roof systems, this creates an obligation for a photovoltaic system also in parking lots.
Nationwide, parking spaces of non-residential buildings must now be equipped with cables for electric car charging stations
(every third parking space) in order to be able to retrofit wallboxes (GEIG).
The following table shows the status of the solar obligation in the individual federal states:


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