PV parking lot

PV parking lot: Environmentally friendly concept paves the way to sustainable power generation

Sustainable and future-proof concepts are needed to combat climate change in the long term. For example, more areas need to be generated for environmentally friendly power generation. One good option is the PV parking lot, where available parking spaces are roofed over and thus equipped with a photovoltaic system. The PV parking lot offers various possibilities both in planning and implementation and can be used for own use as well as for feeding into the grid. We specialize in the construction of carports with photovoltaic systems and have solutions ready for different PV parking lot sizes.

Rely on high yields

When planning a PV parking lot, we naturally always have the yields in mind. Thus, we rely on an east-west gable roof shape for the carports. This makes it possible to align the systems flexibly in order to obtain the highest possible yields. Furthermore, the solar carports can be built with two different entry heights. While the lower models have a height of 2.50 meters, the higher ones are available with 3.70 meters. Existing markings remain on the PV parking lot. Carport parking widths can vary from 2.40 to 3.50 meters.

Rely on experience and stability

The PV parking lots planned and implemented by us are, without exception, durable and highly solid. We rely on a well thought-out construction, which is made up of hot-dip galvanized steel on the one hand and laminated wooden truss elements on the other. The solar parking lot is also provided with a powder coating in the color of your choice. The powder coating does not only serve the optical adjustment, but protects the materials used here against weather influences from the outside. We will be happy to advise you on the possible uses and show you how you can use a PV parking lot to promote electromobility.