Solar carport

Solar carport in different sizes for your parking space to generate your own electricity

You have a large parking lot and would like to cover the actually existing energy demand in an environmentally friendly way? Then rely on a solar carport designed by us, which is particularly durable and thanks to its construction also very stable. We offer them in different sizes and with different entry heights. Furthermore, the carports are provided by us with modern and efficient photovoltaic systems. Decide flexibly whether you use the electricity from a solar carport for your own consumption or whether you feed it into the grid.

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Efficient solar carport with charging station

Rely on the fact that the bifacial solar panels on the carports work particularly efficiently. For this purpose, the systems are equipped with an east-west gable roof shape, which makes a solar carport with charging station possible in the first place, because it can be placed in any direction of the compass. We equip every single solar carport from our offer in such a way that they are prepared to receive charging stations. These can later be used by both electric cars and e-bikes. The integration of charging stations into the carports makes it possible to efficiently support the expansion of electromobility.

If you would like to use a solar carport with charging station for e-bikes and e-cars, we cooperate with experienced partners to ensure provision from a single source there as well. Both the flexibility and our economical solar carport price will of course remain with you – in every type of execution as well as in every phase of the …

– … conceptual design

– … implementation

– … finalization

Each solar carport is always individually planned by us.

All carports from our company consist of a stable and weatherproof construction. They can easily cope with both strong wind and high snow load. For a long service life, the solar carports are also provided with a powder coating. This also allows us to visually customize your carport to your wishes. Therefore, an application in all regions of the Federal Republic is possible without restrictions. We plan the carports individually for you and matched to your parking areas, so that the available supply can be used flexibly.

Solar Carport from SOPAGO – A-Z services from consulting to maintenance

Our solar carport can be parked in one or two rows, and the number of solar modules also differs depending on the size: 30 solar modules are used for a compact 4-person carport, while a 6-person carport already has 48 solar modules. The continuous increase in the number of modules guarantees our customers a higher yield from the solar energy generated, regardless of whether they use it themselves and/or feed surplus energy into the grid in return for compensation. In general, the more energy you use yourself on site, the higher the projected return, since the cost of purchasing electricity is higher than the feed-in tariff.

With our experience and technical expertise, we support you every step of the way while keeping the solar carport costs as manageable as they are transparent. We take care of the investment planning for you, assist you with the required building application and build the foundation. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the carport is implemented by our partners, as is the connection to the power grid. Since we work with partners we know, we always keep track of the solar carport costs.

Why a solar carport is worthwhile

Many people ask: Is a solar carport worth it? Is the price justified? Yes, both from an economic and an ecological point of view. With our solar carports you generate electricity at a consistently low price, which is already lower than the current market price. But it also pays off from an ecological point of view, because every solar carport in our range has a long service life. We achieve this by using durable, high-strength materials:

– Hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel supports.

– Impregnated wood glulam beams

– Bifacial glass-glass PV modules

Thus, our solar carport is CO2-negative after only four years, which means that the CO2 emissions used for production to date have already been offset by the environmentally friendly energy generated. Contact us: If you are looking for a carport that can be planned flexibly and expanded just as variably at a later date, and if you would like to purchase your carport with photovoltaics and charging station from a regional expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a solar carport worthwhile?

With a PV carport, you can sustainably reduce energy costs – and minimize your personal carbon footprint at the same time. Thanks to the modular design, our innovative solutions are just as suitable for compact, manageable parking spaces as they are for large company and corporate parking lots, for example. Matching to this are individually usable advertising spaces on the installation for your branding and other advertising measures.

How durable is a solar carport from SOPAGO?

Our customers benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 to 30 years on the PV installation and solar modules. In general, our solar carports are extremely durable, which is due in part to the robust, impregnated wood as well as the powder-coated and hot-dip galvanized steel supports. You can expect a useful life of 25 to 30 years – even under the demanding Central European weather conditions.

What other advantages does a solar carport from SOPAGO have?

Our flexibly expandable solutions are specially designed to meet the needs of industry, commerce and municipalities. At the same time, they can be individually adapted thanks to their modular design. Parking space markings of the respective parking spaces remain intact even after the installation of the carport, the entry height of 2.50 meters or 3.70 meters as well as the possible parking space widths between 2.40 meters and 3.50 meters allow an individual adaptation to your vehicle fleet and the respective needs.