Solar carports that generate electricity, reduce emissions and save money

Yesterday a car park, tomorrow a power station.


Atrium Hotel Amadeus


Pitches 41

System output 126,5 kWp

Year of construction 06/2022

Schubert CleanTech

Ober-Grafendorf, Austria

Pitches 8

System output 28,8 kWp

Year of construction 08/2023



Pitches 188

System output 501 kWp

Year of construction 03/2024



Pitches 3

System output 9,6 kWp

Year of construction 01/2024

Elektroanlagenbau GmbH


Pitches 27

System output 65,1 kWp

Year of construction 12/2021



Pitches 8

System output 24 kWp

Year of construction 2023

Do you have energy to give away?

Yesterday, the sun sent free energy towards the earth. The sun’s rays travelled through space for minutes, heading towards your car park and – all they did was heat the ground. With solar carports, we turn your car park into a real solar power plant. It provides you with free energy every day the sun rises.

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((((x2.66x1000x÷100×0.8)+(x2.66x1000x0.2×0.08))x25) – ((−1.58x+5678.69)x)) =

Savings potential

The calculated potential is based on a sample calculation. Your individual savings depend in particular on the car park location, the parking space layout and your electricity consumption profile.

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Your focus is on other topics, which is why we don’t provide you with a DIY kit. We manage your project reliably from A to Z. Planning, statics, grid enquiries, planning permission, foundations, installation, commissioning … We only rest when your solar carports are reliably supplying electricity.

Our solution is designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to your local conditions and your ideas. By using screw foundations and wooden components, we minimise CO2 emissions during the construction of the system.

  • Pitched Roof.
    A pitched roof doesn’t just look good. It achieves more consistent yields – regardless of its orientation.

  • CO2 savings.
    Utilise every ray of sunshine and improve your carbon footprint easily and permanently.

  • Individuality.
    We adapt our PV systems to your car park and your wishes. From the entrance height to LED lighting.

  • Reliability.
    Save yourself time. We take care of everything for you: from the initial inspection to commissioning the system.

4 steps to a solar power plant

Realising a construction project can be complicated and time-consuming. Thanks to our many years of experience in the realisation of solar carport systems, we know what is important and will implement your project on time and on budget.

1. Enquiry

No matter what questions you have: just get in touch with us. We will advise you immediately on your project.

2. Counselling

Every project is individual. We work with you to develop a solution for the construction of your PV car park that perfectly suits your needs.

3. Commissioning

We clarify your queries in personal meetings and check your car park on site. You commission your solar power plant from us – cost-efficient and turnkey.

4. Execution

Design planning, statics, planning permission, foundations, installation and commissioning – with us you get everything from a single source.

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