Solar carports make parking spaces ecological and economical

An ecological and economical solution for industry, hotels and public facilities. Our innovative carports transform parking spaces into productive energy sources, maximize solar radiation through a unique pitched roof design and offer maximum efficiency through bifacial solar modules. With the ability to charge electric vehicles while parked, they actively support electromobility. Individually adaptable and cost-efficient, they represent a future-oriented investment for a more sustainable use of parking space.



Expand your available parking spaces on your own premises and rely on a sustainable, future-oriented solution. SOPAGO supports you from planning to implementation with a customized and efficient PV carport solution.

  • Foundation with screw foundations: fast, cost-effective and ideal for existing parking lots.

  • Dry, shady parking areas protect the vehicles from the weather.

  • Direct consumption of the solar power generated reduces the need to purchase expensive grid electricity.

  • The carport with PV system can easily be extended later to include charging stations for electric cars.

  • A carport with PV helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Experiences of our customers

Immerse yourself in the authentic experiences of our customers with SOPAGO PV Carports. Here, managing directors, entrepreneurs and users share their impressions of how our solutions have not only transformed their parking spaces, but also achieved sustainable success.


“We believe that every company has a responsibility to make sustainable decisions. Investing in solar carports is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also a long-term investment in our economic stability.”

Bernhard Graeff, Member of the Executive Board at Winterhalter

Atrium Hotel Amadeus

“At the Atrium Hotel Amadeus, we focus on sustainability and innovation. The decision to install solar carports from Sopago represents our commitment to environmental protection and at the same time underlines how we are securing the future of our hotel through smart investments. This measure not only improves the comfort for our guests, but also makes a significant contribution to our economic and ecological sustainability.”

Benjamin Bachar, Managing Director Atrium Hotel Amadeus

Simple implementation

The path to optimum solar yield: simple, professional, reliable

Implementing the idea of a solar carport on your parking spaces may seem complex at first – but with us at your side, the process becomes straightforward and efficient. From the initial sketch to the turnkey handover, we will guide you through every step. Our aim is not only to secure you an optimum solar yield, but also a solution that is economically tailored to your individual goals.

We take care of every detail, from the initial preliminary planning to the moment the electricity starts flowing. Experience how advantageous and simple the implementation of your solar carport can be.

Our range of services: Comprehensive and well thought out

  • Planning: We develop a customized concept that is precisely tailored to your needs and the conditions of your parking areas.

  • Planning permission: No need to worry about bureaucratic hurdles – we take care of obtaining all the necessary planning permission for you.

  • Installation: We install your solar carport system with precision and care so that you can benefit from your own electricity as quickly as possible.

  • Grid connection: Seamless integration of your solar carport system into the power grid is crucial. We provide a professional grid connection.

  • Self-supply of electricity: Independence and efficiency through the use of self-generated electricity directly from your parking lot.

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