Rethinking energy
The creation of SOPAGO

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition. SOPAGO GmbH was founded in 2021 with the clear goal of adding a new building block to the energy transition: the efficient use of solar energy on sealed surfaces. With our solar carports, we generate electricity where you need it.
We are a young, highly motivated team. Try us out: if you have a suitable parking space, we will be able to convince you to do something good for the planet, meet your CO2 targets and earn money at the same time.


Our dedicated team

A positive future needs sustainable energy. Solar carports are an important component of the energy transition. We combine our strengths to create the most beautiful and profitable solar carports for our customers.

Ingomar Jünger

Manuel Trier

Jürgen Hohl

Julian Ellrich

Mustafa Sadat

Uwe Fickenscher

Markus Kleck

Cagdas Yildirim

Harry Schwarz

Stephan Ludwig

Karlo Damjanovic

Lorena Bacon

Maia Burdiashvilli

Milestones and future outlook

We have achieved a lot since the company was founded. From the brilliant idea to the prototype and the modular development of our solar carports to the realization of the first systems: every milestone has taught us and strengthened us to drive our vision forward.

We will continue to strive for growth and innovation in the future. Our focus is on using our solar carports on an even broader scale and thus bringing about a sustainable change in the energy supply.

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