Solar parking lot

Solar parking lot covers further energy needs in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way

By building carports on a parking lot, the available space can be effectively used for energy generation. The solar parking lot enables environmentally friendly and flexible on-site power generation. In doing so, it can be used in different ways. On the one hand, a solar parking lot can support the expansion of electromobility, but on the other hand, it can also cover additional energy needs at low cost. There are two general options for this. On the one hand, the electricity generated by the solar parking lot can be used by the customer, on the other hand, it can be fed into the grid.

Solar parking can be used in many ways

A solar parking lot can be used in many ways. By building carports, you create dry, shaded parking areas and set yourself apart. Vehicles are well protected from the elements by carports. Due to the sturdy and durable construction, the solar parking lot we design will defy even a high amount of snow, and on top of that, it offers excellent wind resistance. This ensures that our solar parking lot can be used in almost all weather regions of the Federal Republic without hesitation.

Reduce the consumption of grid electricity

By planning and building a solar parking lot, you can first and foremost minimize the consumption of grid electricity. Grid electricity has been subject to strong price increases for years, so that the cost burden is inexorably increasing. A solar parking lot creates relief here. The electricity produced by the solar energy can be used flexibly for self-consumption. The amount of the yield depends considerably on the respective power consumption on site. For each solar carport, we also make sure that sufficient advertising space is available for marketing measures. Furthermore, our carports are always prepared for the installation of charging stations for eBikes and electric cars.